How Do You Get Sponsorship Success?

Here's the "big idea" in 75 words: There is a fundamental disconnect between the way organizations market themselves to potential sponsors and the way sponsors see the organization.  As a result, at the crucial moment, when it is most important to convince a brand to support a cause, the majority of organizations fail to secure funding. Your most important messages have a surprisingly low chance of getting though.

You need to package your organization in the right way to overcome this disconnect.

Here are a few outcomes that define success in sponsorship:

1. An increase in sponsorship renewal time.

The brands that clearly understand what you're doing should be invested for the long-term. 

2. Steady growth of sponsorship sales year after year.

The better your sponsorship collateral (outreach), the bigger the number of potential sponsors you can attract to your funnel and the bolder you can be with your current sponsors.

3. Better brand-property alignment and integration.

The value proposition for your sponsors needs to be in alignment with their sponsorship strategy or they won't approve funding. Build their strategy into your story - collateral is the best tool to communicate how your property meets their partnership desires.

The brick walls start coming down when you have a sponsorship package that tells your story with a convincing narrative.

Sponsorship Tools



Before we begin brainstorming about ideas for your sponsorship package, let's take a minute to consider your sponsors. What are they looking for when they choose to sponsor you? How will sponsoring you benefit them, and how will affiliation with their name benefit you?

1. Our specialized team will take a highly tailored approach to ensure that the brands that drive your bottom-line and add real long-term value will receive a sponsorship deck that aligns with their partnership strategy. We work with you to assess your sponsors, evaluate your property, and create a well designed document that speaks to your target sponsors.



Sell value, not costs. Think like a marketer, know your concrete and intangible assets, and be prepared to explain how your sponsorship offering will help a brand achieve its goals.

Equipping your property with a program or book will provide the opportunity to sell ad space and increase your sponsorship value. The advertising specification sheet will list the technical requirements for ad submissions.

2. Our team will create a matching ad spec sheet that can feature honourees and award titles so sponsors can purchase ads to include their congratulations. Brands understand commemoration and are willing to increase sponsorship commitment for this instrument of participation.